I like lists.  I can’t say exactly why, but I’m sure I would have made an excellent Santa Claus.  I can’t count the number of discussions I’ve been in where the topic was the top 5 or top 10 of some type of film (top 10 Cyberpunk, top 10 Demonic Films, top 10 War movies).  I’m not sure how I keep getting into these discussions, but I enjoy them.  And so do all the people who argue with me.

So, my reviews are grouped by type of film—lists, helping you to choose the best within a category.  If you decide to watch a vampire film, I’ll have my reviews of vampire films all together for you.  When I have enough reviews within a sub-genre, I’ll split those off into their own list (example: if you click on Horror, you’ll find several sub-lists).

five reels =  See it, then buy it, then see it some more.
four reels =  See it on the big screen.
=  Rent it. Go to the matinee. Buy it if you are obsessive.
=  If really in the mood for a movie, this will do. Catch it on free TV.
=  Don’t bother. Read a book. Go out with friends.
toxic =  Hunt down the filmmakers. They must be stopped!

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