“He said I looked like Boris Karloff!”

Since I have a whole subdivided section on horror, it would be reasonable to ask why I would bother having a separate Halloween list.  Well, the simplest answer is: I love lists.  But let’s make the answer more complicated.  Not all horror films make good Halloween movies.  Halloween isn’t about pain and terror.  Halloween is a holiday, which means celebration.  It’s about pagan rituals, and candy, and  monsters who we’d like to meet.  It is dark, but should always be fun.  The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is horror, but has nothing to do with Halloween.

But I’m going to be a bit more picky with my Halloween film list.  Here you’ll find films that take place at Halloween or include substantial Halloween iconography.  This means occasionally I’m also going to be too broad.  The Slasher film, Halloween, doesn’t have the proper holiday spirit, but I couldn’t exclude a movie with that title.

This is a new list, and I don’t have reviews for all the films mentioned below (I will; just give me time).  And the list will grow.

Halloween Films:

Films about Halloween Sorted by Year: