I do like ranking things. Films, music, socks. You name it, I put them into lists, giving my views on the best (or worst), or just the things I think you should check out. Film is my passion, so most of my lists are related to film, but sometimes I look at other things just for fun. Hopefully you’ll find them fun too.


Film Lists

 Science Fiction Lists:

Ranking the Godzilla Films
anking the Star Wars Films
Ranking the Star Trek Films
Best/Most Important SF Films of the ’50s


James Bond Lists:

Ranking the James Bond Movies
Ranking the James Bond Villains
Ranked: Every James Bond Theme Song
Ranked: Every James Bond Title Sequence


Superhero Lists:

Ranking the DC Films
Ranking the DC Animated Films
Ranking the MCU Films
Ranking the MCU Shorts
Ranking the MCU Villains
Rankng the X-Men Films
Ranking the Worst of Marvel
Ranking The Batmen
Ranking The Spider-Men
The Top Superhero Film Scores
Ranking The Best Superhero Films


Specific Year Lists:

Top Five Genre Films of 2012
Top Five Overrated Genre Films of 2012
2014 Top 10 Film Posters
Best SF Films of 2015
Worst SF Films of 2015
2017 F&SF Films Ranked
Best Films of 2017
Worst Films of 2017
Worst F&SF Films of 2018


Miscellaneous Film Lists:

Memorial Day List: Best War Films
Ranking the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes Films
My Best and Worst of Tom Cruise
50 Best Horror Films of the 1980s
50 Best Horror Films of the 1990s


TV Lists

Ranking Doctor Who Seasons
All Modern Doctor Who Episodes Ranked
Ranking the Doctor Who Christmas Episodes


Musical Lists