The Not-So-Great


When discussing the great films, there’s always a mention of a film that isn’t great, but has been given an undeserved lofty perch. Time fixes this in many cases. No one speak about the wonders of Oscar winners Cimarron or Cavalcade. Others loose their luster seemingly in no time, such as the gimmicky The Artist. But, as of today, some still cling to their reputations, and somewhere I have to comment on why these films aren’t on my lists of all time great movies. This is the place.

These films aren’t necessarily bad, though some are. Some are quite good. They are just overrated. So if I discuss Vertigo here, and eventually I will, don’t respond by asking how I can say that film stinks, because in that case, that’s not what I’m saying at all. I think it is a fine film and recommend it. It just isn’t the greatest film of all time, which is the status that Sight and Sound magazine currently awards it.

Since these films may not fit into my normal review genres, this page may grow slowly. So, for now, these are the films I have written on that need to be taken down a notch.

Overrated Films:

Overrated Films by Year: